Grab-A-Duck and Flying Reindeer are games I created for our church fairs.  They are designed to amuse all ages and can be operated as an amusement or as a prize winning game.

Grab-A-Duck consists of a "Pond" with 7 ducks that pop up for air.  The object of the game is to grab the ducks before they go below the surface.  The game is powered by an air compressor that the operator uses to shoot air into the control manifold at the rear of the game.  By varying the intensity and duration of the air burst, the difficulty of grabbing a duck can be adjusted to make it easy enough for a toddler or a challenge to teenagers and adults.

Grab-A-Duck is available as plans, a flat packed kit, or fully assembled and painted.

Flying Reindeer consists of a target that reindeer are launched toward with special reindeer launchers. This game can be set up similar to ski-ball or darts.

Flying Reindeer is available as free plans and instructions only.  I encourage you to modify this game to fit the materials available to you.