The Cat Boat Project

On Labor Day my sons and I went to the annual boat auction at The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, MD.  We came home with an antique catboat that is partially restored.  Over this coming winter we plan on completing the restoration and sailing the boat in the Chesapeake Bay. 



The boat is 16 feet long and appears to be pine over oak.  The previous owner has repaired the keel, replaced ribs as needed, stripped the paint, and repaired some of the planks.  To do this work he has removed the deck, the garboard planks and the sheerstrake. The planks are attached with copper rivets.



We plan to replace the missing planks, Continue the repair of the keel, replace the canvas deck, and since the boat will not be kept in the water we will fiberglass the bottom. The paint scheme will be a dark blue bottom. white sides and deck with the sheerstrake will be natural wood.


Feature 3

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